Law Enforcement & Military Program


I worked 5 years as an Officer for the State of New Hampshire in a Law Enforcement agency.  During that time frame I struggled to make my bill payments as I was making minimum pay.  All my life I have always been an avid hunter hunting grouse, pheasant, rabbit, turkey, deer and waterfowl.  I was not able to purchase any more hunting firearms because of my financial restrictions.  I could barely afford ammunition to practice so that my jobís required shooting skills would not deteriorate.   If I had to use deadly force I wanted to be well prepared to hit my target and not some innocent civilian.  I took my job and duty very seriously as well as todayís Law Enforcement and Military does.


I have a plan especially for Law Enforcement and Military personnel. If you are active or retired Law Enforcement or Military you are eligible to be in this plan.  You people are willing to sacrifice to protect the public and in my world the public owes you something back. 


Because of your willingness to sacrifice doing a job that others cannot or will not do, I came up with this plan.


You will only pay $20 above my costsMy costs are calculated by my cost of the firearm and the cost to ship it to me.  It doesnít matter what the actual cost of the firearms is.  I donít care what the firearm costs me; you are only paying that extra $20 above my costs.  I want to give something back to you and the only way that I can is to charge you as little as possible.


Thank you for the protection of this great country and its citizens


Peter Muise


Tri Eagle Firearms LLC.

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