I am a typical ďmiddle classĒ working person that has a house and family and all the expenses to go with both.  My money to purchase firearms was always low and I could not afford to pay $1,000 for a new hunting rifle.  I knew that the local gun stores were making a great profit on my purchases.  I understood that they had to do this because they had large overheads to pay for, I just didnít want to have to pay that extra overhead on my purchases.  Many times the difference of a few hundred dollars was the difference of not purchasing the firearm that I wanted.  I was tired of sales people trying to sell me a brand of firearm that they had in stock instead of the brand that I had come in to purchase.  I am smart enough to figure out what I wanted that is why I asked for that firearm!


So I decided to open this store (Tri Eagle Firearms LLC) because I was sick and tired of paying high prices for my personal firearms.  I was also tired of my family and friends paying outrageous prices for their hunting firearms. 


I was disappointed with the fact that many small town law enforcement agencies donít have the budget to allow their officers to train often enough to build their firearm skills.  I personally want to be protected by a police force that can train more than once a year because of budgetary restraints.  I wanted them to have the best firearms and the best possible training to protect them, as they are willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect us.  If we cannot pay them large salaries then we can at least protect them with the proper tools and training.


Because of these issues I decided to open up a store that provides dramatically reduced prices on firearms.  I have little to no overhead so you pay less for your purchases.  I donít stock many firearms so I donít need to sell you something that you may not really want.  For example I donít want to have to sell you a Browning rifle if are a Ruger person because that is what I have in my stock.  I want to sell you what you want to buy.  You come to me and tell me what you want and I will get you the best price possible on that item.  I run this business because I want to not because I have to!



Peter Muise


Tri Eagle Firearms LLC

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