First history 101: The United States of American is a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy. 


What that means is that the USA is a Republic (collection) of states that follows the laws written into the Constitution. We use a Democratic process to elect the people who vote those laws that are added to the Constitution.  Democracy is just the process of getting our representatives to vote for us.



This phrase is from the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.  What this means is that every person should be able to own firearms not for the specific reason of hunting or target shooting but for self defense.  It was placed into the US Constitution in case the people of this country had to take up “arms” against their government. 


Remember back in those days governments were mostly made up of Kings/Queens and other religious leaders that would force their beliefs upon their citizens.  I am NOT in any way suggesting that any one for any reason take up “arms” against this government.  I am just stating the well-known "non-political correct" interpretation of that amendment.



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